What Is the True Importance of Early Childhood Education?

What Is the True Importance of Early Childhood Education
April 3, 2020

The question, ‘at what age should I send my child to school?’ has always been a hot topic of debate, where most people hold very distinctive and contrasting views. But for first-time parents this can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, which will definitely play an important role in determining the future of their child.

Hence, due to the importance of this issue, and in attempt to finally answer the frequently asked question ‘that should parents send their children to preschools?’ Numerous studies have been conducted the finding of which we shall discuss.

The Common Perception of Parents

Most parents usually believe that their kids, around the ages of 3-4, are far too young to go to a foreign facility surrounded by complete strangers, all on their own. And they would be much better off, if they were looked after at home under their own supervision.

Besides this, many also believe that preschool being a proper academic institution accompanies with itself discipline that their kids are far too young to endure, and would be much happier if they spent their childhood days in freedom and exploring life.

The True Significance of Preschools

A lot of research and work has been put into determining the true significance of sending children to preschools and how it may affect a child’s mind and personality immediately and in the long run.

And they dictate that sending children to a good preschool can play a paramount role in shaping and grooming their personality and enhancing their cognitive skills from an early age. That will inevitably aid them in their academics for the many years to come.

A highlighting feature of a good preschool is that it does not only focus on academics, but understand the importance of grooming a child’s personality at an early age and encourages this by offering its students a variety of activities and productive games to engage in like:

• Arts and Crafts

• Imaginative games

• Singing and dancing

• Puzzles and Jigsaws

• Sand boxes

• Reading and writing

• Sports and exercises

And much more, the collective learning process among kids will boost their confidence, develop positive competition among them, enhance the communication skills and overall, provide them an opportunity to spend their childhood days much more productively instead of lying idly at home.

What are its benefits?

Sending children to preschools can have huge benefits:

• All the questions of their inquisitive and curious mind can be answered

• They can lead a more active lifestyle and be physically fit

• The potential of their receptive and sharp minds can utilized from an early age

• Interaction with new people will boost their confidence and develop their social skills

• It will enable them to learn about the fundamentals of academics

• It will Improve their self-esteem

• It will boost their confidence in their learning abilities

Hence, the exposure your child will get through preschool will definitely aid him later on in life, in terms of academics, his personality traits and social skills.

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